RHP is a quality mark for substrates subdivided into three separate quality marks: Horticulture, Consumer and Mushrooms. MPS-ECAS has contributed with many years to the development and realisation of the current requirements. Due to the nature of these product requirements, they also comply with the demands of the professional sector.

The applicant must comply with all of the requirements of the RHP product certification scheme in order to be awarded the certification. The RHP quality mark ensures the quality of the product in the chain, from production to processing by the potting soil producer to delivery to the client. Consultancy and research are part of the work of the Stichting RHP.

The full certification scheme is available at Stichting RHP  in Naaldwijk.

There are three application areas for the RHP quality mark:


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Certified companies

The names of certified companies and more information about the RHP quality mark can be found on the Stichting RHP website

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