The horticulture sector, the market and the consumer are changing at a rapid pace. New growing techniques and technologies, new applications for crop protection products and increasing consumer demand for sustainable products. MPS wants to continue to meet the needs of customers and the market. In order to continue to do so in the future, MPS is committed to innovation with regard to all its products and services; we are currently working on our IT applications and new online and real-time tools. The development of MPS-ABC version 2019 is also in full swing.
We want to place even more emphasis on dialogue with our customers and stakeholders, which is why two new meetings of the MPS Customer Panel are scheduled to take place this month. These events let us remain in open dialogue and test our plans with customers and stakeholders from the entire chain. 

We have recently welcomed the 500th participant of MPS-GAP. One of the very first audits (MPS-GAP version 11; benchmarked with GLOBALG.A.P.) has been carried out at ‘SOGO by Dümmen Orange’ in Taiwan. In addition, the Green florist label was launched, which is tested and guaranteed by the MPS Group. As you can see, we are fully committed to taking sustainability to the next level in the entire flowers & ornamentals chain. 

Yolande van den Boom
MPS Group to test and guarantee new Green florist label has launched a new sustainability label, called Green florist. Florists who are awarded this quality label have demonstrated that they contribute to nature, mankind and the environment in a positive way. 

Individual bouquets and florists themselves are tested by means of MPS-ECAS. At least 80% of the flowers in a Green florist-certified sustainable bouquet must be demonstrably MPS-A or MPS-A+ certified. Green florists are also tested on aspects such as sustainable procurement, waste separation, electricity, transport, personnel and traceability.
The traceability of flowers, and guaranteeing their sustainable provenance, is becoming an increasingly strict requirement that organisations simply have to meet. MPS operates the platform, which lets growers demonstrate how they handle sustainability in their companies. The track&trace system integrated into mainly deals with mono-bouquets and plants. The Green florist label is a great addition that will improve the traceability of mixed bouquets and will contribute to the sustainable development of the entire chain. 
Country focus: Taiwan 
The demand for MPS certification in Taiwan is growing steadily. It is becoming increasingly important for growers in this country to produce their crops in a transparent, sustainable way. Growers in Taiwan are facing an increasing demand for MPS-ABC certified products from Dutch Phalaenopsis and Anthurium growers. Many of these growers are MPS-GAP certified and are therefore obliged to buy parent materials that are MPS-ABC qualified.  

SOGO by Dümmen Orange is one of the parent material suppliers who are based in Taiwan. The company mainly focuses on breeding Phalaenopsis and tissue culture for markets in Northwest Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia, among others. This company has been MPS-GAP and MPS-ABC certified for years: in fact, it is where one of the very first MPS-GAP version 11 audits (benchmarked with GLOBALG.A.P.) was carried out. 

MPS-ECAS auditor Leen van Driel was in Taiwan last week to carry out several audits and give a presentation to the Taiwan Floriculture Exports Association (TFEA). TFEA is an organisation with many members in the flowers & ornamentals sector, such as breeders, traders and growers. During this meeting, MPS certification was explained in greater detail and the attendees were given insight into how MPS can help growers become more sustainable. The event was attended by over 100 interested parties from the sector.
The MPS vignette; are you ready?
The uniform MPS vignette was introduced on 23 August 2017. This vignette replaced a multitude of MPS vignettes and logos that had been used in the flowers & ornamentals sector up to that time. Together with the interactive platform, the uniform MPS vignette contributes to uniform working methods and product labelling for products by MPS-certified companies, as well as offering transparency to consumers.

You can continue to use the old vignettes until the end of this year. Starting from 1 January 2019, the old vignettes of the certificates in question may no longer be used on materials such as packaging, plant markers, etc.

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