Board of Experts

It is of great importance for MPS-ECAS to guarantee the independence, impartiality and objectivity in its operations. To achieve and monitor this, MPS-ECAS has installed the Board of Experts (BoE).

The BoE is an advisory body to the Director of MPS-ECAS in which all stakeholders in the certification schemes and standards, certified by MPS-ECAS, have the opportunity to participate. The main task in this is to support MPS-ECAS in developing its policy regarding impartiality of its certification activities. Furthermore, the BoE is able to advise solicited and unsolicited and take action when the objectivity, impartiality or independence of MPS-ECAS is compromised. The BoE is composed of organizations which have an interest in the activities of MPS-ECAS. The organizations are represented by the following persons (in between the brackets you can see which interest they represent):

  • Mr G. Franke, VBN (Dutch Flower Auctions Association)
  • Mr J.W.E. van Lanschot, Stichting CDG (scheme owner)
  • vacant, KAVB (Royal General Bulb Growers' Association)
  • Mr A. Wielink, The Greenery BV (Fruit and Vegetable auctions, food safety)
  • Mr A.W.M. Meis, LTO-Nederland (Vegetable and Ornamental plant growers)
  • Mr C.M. de Ruijter, (Foundation Registration and Education Distributors Crop Protection (suppliers of crop protection agents)
  • Mr E. Roozen, VHG (Entrepreneurs in green)
  • Dhr. L. Meijer, JUMBO (retail)
  • Dhr. S. de Frankrijker, (LTO Nederland, Department of trees and perennials)
  • Dhr. H. Beek, MPS (More Profitable Sustainability)