Complaints, Appeal & Dispute

Complaints & Appeal

It could happen that you have a complaint concerning MPS-ECAS or that you disagree with a decision taken by MPS-ECAS. In that occasion you can submit your complaint/appeal by recording this as a complaint at the Complaint Form (APR) and forward the document to MPS-ECAS. You can download the APR form or request the Service and Support team to forward it. Please take care to add sufficient supportive information.
After receipt the APR will be processed and you will be informed with the results. Should more information be necessary MPS-ECAS may decide to organize a meeting in order to get clarity.
In case you do not agree with the outcome you have the option to lodge a written appeal with the Board of Appeal.

The composition and regulations of the Board of Appeal has been established in the Regulations of the Board of Appeal MPS-ECAS. You can also request the Service and Support Team to forward the document.


It could occur that during processing your appeal it is established that there is dispute between you and MPS-ECAS concerning the interpretation of a certification scheme requirement, In that case the Council of Experts from MPS-ECAS will be involved to give its opinion. The decision of the Council of Experts shall be binding in accordance with the Regulations of Certification from MPS-ECAS.