BRC Global Food Standard

Food safety is an extremely important item. Supermarkets therefore want the guarantee from their suppliers that everything has been done to prevent complaints and problems in terms of food safety. BRC Global Food Standard is a certification scheme which was developed in England, and meets the requirements of the British Retailers Consortium (BRC). Production companies need the BRC certificate if they want to deliver to these supermarkets.

BRC includes requirements with regard to:

• HACCP principles
• Traceability of packaging materials and end product
• Company hygiene
• Education and training of personnel
• Management of quality aspects related to the product supplied

BRC is audited by MPS-ECAS, amongst others. MPS-ECAS prepares a BRC audit report, on the basis of the conducted audit, which is sent to the retailer by the suppliers, for assessment purposes, and to indicate that the supplier has complied with the requirements.


BRC Storage and Distribution

This certification scheme was developed for companies in the transport, distribution and storage sector. This standard is also applicable to companies that only receive unprocessed fruit and vegetables, without processing them further, in any other way, such as sorting or packaging companies. BRC storage and distribution includes practical components related to transport and storage. The certification scheme includes additional modules, amongst others, for the following: 'contract packing, contract chilling / freezing and quantity control inspection'.


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