GLOBALG.A.P. for Fruits & Vegetables and Flowers & Ornamentals
Several of the biggest supermarkets in Europe, amongst which Albert Heijn, Sainsbury's, Safeway, Tesco, Delhaize and others, have united themselves in the Euro-retailer produce working group. Secretariat of this group is based at Foodplus in Köln (

MPS-ECAS performs audits in the Netherlands as well as in other countries to establish compliance with the GLOBALG.A.P. criteria. Based on the certification scheme, which is designed by the supermarkets, growers are being audited. After approval the companies receive a registration number and they will be included in a public register.

If you as grower work from a central quality system or growers group / cooperation then certification for GLOBALG.A.P. is also possible. This means that the growers group must have an own system where compliance with demands for GLOBALG.A.P. is being reached (eg. performing internal audits).

MPS-ECAS has been involved with GLOBALG.A.P. from the start. Directly after the launch of EUREPGAP in 1999 in Paris MPS-ECAS has applied as certifying body and has obtained accreditation. Both inside and outside Europe growers are working to implement a quality management system based on the conditions of GLOBALG.A.P..

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