British supermarkets such as Tesco set certain requirements for horticultural suppliers with regard to social conditions. In order to prove that you meet such requirements, your company can be audited for the ETI criteria or can register for the MPS Socially Qualified certificate. The ETI Base Code can be found on Internet:

Difference between ETI and MPS Socially Qualified

ETI was primarily developed for the British market. MPS Socially Qualified is suitable for all countries on the other hand, and has broader international support among NGOs and trade unions. The ETI Base Code is very similar to MPS Socially Qualified, but concentrates on the floriculture wholesale and supply companies. 

Certification process

On request, ECAS audits companies for the ETI criteria and, if they are compliant, supplies them with a conformity statement. ECAS is increasingly requested to conduct an audit of the nine ETI criteria due to its expertise in the field of social audits.

More information

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Required documents

List of certified companies ETI 
Preparation for social audits (PDF) 
Checklist client 

MPS Socially Qualified


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