MPS-GAP is an excellent certificate for delivery to supermarkets or other retailers. MPS-GAP means proven traceability, safety and hygiene of your products. The certification scheme of MPS-GAP is benchmarked with GLOBALG.A.P. 


MPS-ABC is the underlaying certificate for MPS-GAP. To use the MPS-GAP certificate, every usage you record how many crop protection agents you use, when the equipment has been serviced and how you work with the crop. The risk reduction for, and traceability of your flowers or plants are important reasons for obtaining the MPS-GAP certificate. 


- Visable for traders and retailers in MPS-Trade portal
- Satisfies supermarket requirements
- Broadening of markets
- Multifaceted certificate with the combination of environmental and social requirements
- Strengthening of your company image 

More information?

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