What are MPS-A, B and C?

MPS-A, B and C are environmental registration certificates. The qualifications MPS-A, -B and -C are awarded to MPS participants who record their usage of crop protection agents, fertilisers,  energy and waste over four-week periods. At the end of the period, participants  send the recorded data to MPS, to be processed using calculation rules. A maximum number of achievable points has been set for each theme. Points may be allocated differently for countries outside north-western Europe due to the addition of the theme water. Participants are awarded a qualification four times a year namely MPS-A, B or C based on the total number of points achieved. The qualification MPS-A stands for most environmentally-friendly cultivation, while the qualification participant (D) is awarded when a participant has registered for three successive periods or has registered for 13 periods and scored less than 10 points on the four themes.


Below you will find a number of documents which you may download. The requirements for participation are to be found in the certification scheme. If you are interested in applying for MPS, please click on the application form. You may send this form to us by e-mail (). As soon as we have received the application form, you will receive an agreement. Upon signing the agreement, you will receive the registration documents. You may also choose to submit your data electronically by internet. In that case, you will receive a password for Support Center and a electronical manual. Thereafter, the certification process will start.


MPS participation is not for free. The participants pay a fixed fee for their participation in MPS. These fees are
calculated as follows:

  • The plant and flower auctions pay a fee to MPS for their European based members;
  • The participants pay a fee applicable to their country. This amount may vary from country to country and depends on the number of participants. In addition each individual grower pays a fee linked to the size of the farm.

Review qualifications MPS-A, -B, -C

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More information?

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