MPS Florimark Trade

Anyone who reaches the top wants to stay there. The MPS-Florimark Trade certificate  is ideal for this. This is because MPS-Florimark Trade has been specially developed for wholesalers who need to satisfy strict requirements in the field of quality care, traceability,  the environment and chain quality.
MPS-Florimark Trade is based on the specific requirements, working methods and expectations of the floriculture sector. Matters like initial checks, recording agreements, traceability,  devoting attention to the wishes/demands of the client, registration and identification of your batches, structured customer relations management, etc. are all catered for within  MPS-Florimark Trade. Wholesalers certified for MPSFlorimark Trade therefore guarantee their clients the right quality and maximum reliability of supplied products and services.

More information?

For more information you can download the documents below. Do you have any questions? Please contact our Service & Support department call +31 174 - 615 715.


Certification scheme (you will be redirected to the MPS website)
Quotation Request Form
List of certified companies MPS-Florimark Trade (PDF)